When you make a tax deductible donation to help our 501(c)(3)animal  rescue  Charity, we will acknowledge your donation with a FREE  gift of  posh fragranced, elegant  soy candle(s) from   from Karma-Candles, our newest  and very generous benefactor.


Karma-Candles is providing us with as many candles as we will need. However, we can't offer free candles until June 15th. That's when we should be finished working on logistics to handle the expected demand.

However, you can place your name on our email mailing list NOW and tell us your favorite fragrances. You will receive our acknowledgement as well as future personal updates. As we get close to June 15th, we will advise you how many candles you get for the donation you are going to make and the date we will ship them free to you..

We don't share information with anyone or any third party company.  To place your name on our mailing list, click HERE.

 Have questions, call the charity at: 386-454-0001

Your choice(s) from over 20 luxurious fragrances

  • <Available Fragrances will be listed here>

There will be two ways to make
your Tax Deductable Donation:


Once you are on PayPal's "donation" page please enter the total tax deductable donation dollar amount in $ increments for each candle ordered. You may oder more than one candle per fragrance. Shipping will be free. Then, on the PayPal donation page, immediately under the dollar amount, there’s an option called, “Enter Requested Information Here.” When you click on it, a message box will open and please do the following;

Tell us your candle fragrance choices for donation amount you're submitting. The available candle fragrances are shown above. Then provide us with your address. We will acknowledge your donation and arrange where you can pick up your order. (Cases delivered free within 25 miles of High Springs)


Make check payable to "Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc."
and mail it to:

Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc.

20604 NW 250th St.

High Springs, FL 32643-2351

Donations for each candle is $xx per candle  Tell us the frangrances you want and the amount of candles in each fragrance check you submitted. The available fragrances are shown above. Then provide us with your address. We will acknowledge your donation and shipping is free.

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Safely pay using your PayPal account  or with your credit card.

PayPal is free, and is the easiest way to pay.. You don't even need to create a new PayPal account. It's fast, easy, and secure and lets you use your credit card, debit card, even your checking or savings account at no additional charge to you.

Click on the below PayPal Donate button to submit your donation and give us any special instructions.