Hi y'all . . . I'm Elliot The Elf  and I am not just a Christmas Elf. I work year round looking for ways to make children happier. I'm here to help you better understand my Mysterious, Magical, Fragrant Love Particles you see above.

I've been to many places in the world where I made rare, unexpected magic occur. That's why and how I was drawn to GenesGifts, a shop on Etsy.com. Once I looked around in Gene's factory, I instinctively knew that l could turn Gene's love-filled glittery particle scraps and dust that were scattered all over his factory floor into a secret mixtures that would make young children happier, take away their fears and fill almost every wish they might have.

People say I'm a very personable, happy elf. So, for the young-at-heart, family members and caregivers, I suggest you tell your Pre-K and kindergarteners my story as explained in the multi-page booklet included free in your order.


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